Happier and Healthier: The Benefits of B12 Shots

While everyone has his or her own priorities, there are many benefits to losing weight aside from looking great. With most of the popular focus on weight-loss being centered around looks, it can be easy to forget the real (and in the end, more important) health benefits that come from losing weight the right way. Additionally, many of the tools and techniques that can help you lose weight will also have a number of extra benefits.

One such tool is the increasingly popular and beneficial B12 shot. A critical vitamin for healthy human life, B12 necessary to many basic body functions including:

  • Red blood cell formation
  • Facilitation of metabolic conversion of proteins and fats
  • Conversion of amino acids
  • DNA synthesis
  • Nerve cell health
  • Several reproductive and pregnancy functions

Most people get the B12 necessary for these basic functions with a healthy diet, through a number of foods including meat, fish and dairy products. As a supplement, a high level of B12 can help to boost a person’s energy level and improve metabolism, making it an incredibly helpful tool for healthy weight loss.

B12 Deficiency

While a certain level of B12 is critical to many basic functions, a large number of people do not get enough of the vitamin for healthy life. In fact, as many as two-fifths of Americans may have a B12 deficiency, and this can have some real impacts on their weight, mood and overall health. Lack of a proper level of B12 can also lead to heart problems and more serious health issues. A few common signs of B12 deficiency include:

  • Fatigue, lethargy, and weakness
  • Muscle aches and joint pain
  • Decreased cognitive function, specifically issues with memory and concentration
  • Mood changes such as depression, anxiety or nervousness
  • Mouth sores or bleeding gums
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Poor appetite and digestive problems

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, a higher level of B12-- like that provided by regular B12 injections-- may be just the thing to help get you in better shape.

The Benefits of B12

Even for those who don’t suffer from a specific deficiency, B12 shots can have a number of benefits to your weight, mood and health. They can be obtained with a prescription and have been used to treat any number of ailments, depending upon the specific patient. Just a few of the most common benefits of B12 shots include:

Increased energy - Perhaps the most well-known benefit of B12 is the shot of energy it is known to give recipients. B12 is a key ingredient in a number of natural energy boosters, supplements, energy drinks, etc.

Improved metabolism - One of the most important reasons why B12 is helpful in weight loss is because of its function in improving metabolism.

Better sleep - A more underrated benefit of B12 is the effect it has on sleeping rhythms. It can help regulate your body’s patterns and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Improved mood - B12 has been known to be a natural antidepressant because of its mood-lifting attributes. It is known to reduce depression and anxiety, as well as give an overall boost to patients’ moods.

Better concentration - In addition to mood improvement, B12 can have other cognitive impacts that help you concentrate and focus on important tasks.

B12 Shots

Even after achieving an ideal weight, many patients continue to take B12 shots for all of the additional benefits they provide. When used in conjunction with a body analysis, personalized diet plan and the support of Healthy Outlook, B12 can help you lose weight and live a happier, healthier life.