Losing the Right Weight With Body Mass Analysis

There are some elements of weight loss that are relatively simple. Exercise more, eat healthily, live an active lifestyle, and you are likely to lose weight. While all of these well-known bits of common knowledge remain true, losing weight in a healthy fashion-- and losing the right kind of weight-- may not be so straightforward. It can be a complex process that includes learning new things, changing bad habits and leaving a comfort zone in which you may have resided for your entire adult life.

Healthy weight loss also involves a more in-depth understanding of your weight and your body composition. Standing on a scale may tell you the total weight of your body, but it does not explain the ratio of lean muscle to fat or the amount of that total weight that is comprised of water, bone and vital organs.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of losing weight is learning how to lose the right weight-- taking steps to burn fat, while avoiding losing lean muscle or dehydrating yourself through loss of water weight.

Body Mass Analysis

Accurate and thorough body mass analysis plays a critical role in healthy weight loss. In order to lose weight the right way and lose the right weight, you will need to understand your own individual makeup and how much you should realistically expect to lose to become healthier.

Since most people do not have the money for expensive analysis equipment or the necessary expertise to understand the results, a trained medical professional with weight loss experience can help to provide this information and explain what it means for you.

Losing the Right Weight

Your body is a complex system of water, bone, organs, muscles, fat and other tissue, and this combination of elements adds up to a significant overall weight. When the average person talks about a desire to “lose weight,” he or she is referring to losing the fat which can be unappealing and unhealthy. But fat generally only makes up a small portion of our overall body composition.

This person could take some basic steps and lose some amount of total weight, but without in-depth analysis, there is no way to know if he or she is actually losing fat or simply burning away water weight or even lean muscle tissue.

Let’s look at weight loss from the simplest perspective, since at its core, all weight loss is based on a reduction in caloric intake. When you eat fewer calories-- which provide the fuel that is necessary for all bodily functions-- your body begins to look for alternative fuel sources. Ideally, your body will burn fat as its new source of fuel, but this is not always the case. Water weight is generally the first thing to go, and if you go about things incorrectly, lean muscle tissue may be next.

While this kind of weight loss will show up on the scales and (at least temporarily) in your body’s overall size, it will quickly return. Losing too much water weight dehydrates your body, and burning through lean tissue can have obvious, serious drawbacks. It can also decrease your metabolism, meaning the weight that you worked so hard to lose will be back before long.

Understanding Your Body

To lose weight the right way, you need a full understanding of your body’s composition and regular body mass analysis to maintain healthy weight loss. At Healthy Outlook, our trained medical staff will provide this crucial information and ensure that you understand specifically which weight should be lost from your body. We will also develop a personalized diet plan-- basing your food on your lifestyle and your specific needs-- and provide the necessary support and training to lose weight the right way and lose the right weight.