How the HCG Diet Can Lead to Healthy Weight Loss

HCG Diet Can Lead to Healthy Weight Loss

There are many ways to effectively lose weight, but it is often difficult to determine which methods will be best for you individually. In addition to the obvious desire to shed unwanted pounds, you also want to ensure that your weight loss plan is geared towards maintaining a proper weight and improving your overall health.

Especially in the modern digital age, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on the very best way to lose weight properly. With new weight loss trends and fad diets emerging on a seemingly daily basis, it can also be hard to tell which-- if any-- of these can help you achieve the best results without sacrificing your own health, energy, and happiness.

The only way to ensure healthy, proper weight loss that will also improve your bodily health and overall quality of life is through a personalized diet plan that is designed specifically for you. If you are serious about losing weight and determined to live a healthier life, your best chance at positive results will come from a medically supervised diet program, such as a personalized HCG diet that is tailored specifically to your needs.

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body and helps to regulate many bodily functions. It is found in particularly high amounts during pregnancy, and the presence of HCG is sometimes used in pregnancy tests. It is also produced by the pituitary gland of both men and women, and it has been found to help correct poorly functioning glands that determine the type of tissue burned during weight loss.

The HCG Diet

In the 1950s, a British endocrinologist named Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons discovered that HCG may be linked to weight loss while studying pregnant women and men with pituitary issues. Simeons found that in both cases when HCG was administered along with a very low-calorie diet, patients would not only lose weight, they would specifically lose fat as opposed to lean muscle tissue.

Since Dr. Simeon’s groundbreaking discovery, further studies have been conducted and works published that support the effectiveness of HCG treatment for healthy weight loss. However, like with any innovative medical concept, this idea has not progressed without opposition and controversy. Much of the HCG controversy has come from the sale of so-called homeopathic HCG that had been sold as an oral dietary supplement and was usually fraudulent.

Healthy Weight Loss

While there are still misconceptions and controversies about HCG, many experts have found that proper HCG treatment can be the key to successful, healthy weight loss. By following a strict, low-calorie diet in conjunction with regular HCG injections provided by a medical professional, you can lose a tremendous amount of weight and become a healthier person. The truth is that HCG may not actually cause you to lose weight-- the diet and exercise program do that, and HCG injections ensure that any weight loss is fat and not lean muscle.