Taking Your Weight Loss Seriously

How does a person take their Weight Loss Seriously?  

Many people confuse simple, short-term weight loss with healthy living. Although the two can-- and should-- go together, losing weight through trendy diets, weight loss pills or other quick fixes may not always equal a healthier body. Even if these methods do succeed over a short period of time, one cannot become healthier or maintain a desirable weight without long-term diet and behavioral changes.

At Healthy Outlook, we take your weight loss seriously; it’s all we do. This means personalized solutions for healthy weight loss and the maintenance of a better lifestyle. We are supportive of our patients and tailor each specialized plan to each individual based on medical history, lifestyle, body mass analysis, and personal weight loss goals. The overall goal is always to help our patients look and feel better through healthy living and long-term weight loss.

A Comprehensive Approach

Healthy Outlook takes a comprehensive approach towards weight loss that may include a number of different elements, depending upon the individual needs of the patient. Whether you are a mother looking to lose excess “baby weight,” someone who recently gained weight due to injury or emotional stress, someone who has dealt with weight issues for most of your life or even someone who already lives a healthy lifestyle but looking for personalized improvements, we will support and guide you through every step of the way.

Our strategies may employ a number of weight loss techniques, depending upon the needs, history, and goals of the patient. This can include personalized diet plans, health education, appetite suppressants (prescription or non-prescription), weekly assessments, HCG treatments and other methods that will be most effective for each individual.

Through this comprehensive approach, the patient will not only lose weight for a short time but become healthier and maintain a proper weight for a lifetime. In addition to shedding unwanted pounds, our patients gain muscle tone, build stronger immune systems and improve energy levels with a healthier life.

How It Works

Healthy weight loss begins with communication, education, and understanding. At your free weight loss consultation, you will speak with one of our medically trained staff who will review your medical history and develop a specialized plan that is tailored to your needs. The assessment will include a body mass analysis, which will not only help us understand your current weight but provide the detailed information that determines your body’s makeup.

With a proper understanding of your health, we can create a specialized plan to help you lose 15, 45, 75 pounds or more. Each comprehensive weight loss plan will include:

Detailed, personalized nutrition plans:

  • Behavioral guidance
  • Prescription appetite suppressants (if desired and medically sound)
  • Weekly Lipo/B12 shots
  • Vitamin/mineral tablets
  • HCG treatment (if desired and medically sound)
  • Weekly center visits
  • Other strategies as needed

Looking and Feeling Better

The goal of Healthy Outlook is to be the guiding light for our patients on the road to better health. We will always be supportive and communicative, with the intention of helping our patients find the right balance of health and happiness. The idea is to look and feel better through weight loss, healthy living, and medical support.